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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others—and improve how they communicate, learn, and work. It provides a powerful framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence. The MBTI assessment makes Carl Jung's theory of psychological type both understandable and highly practical by helping individuals identify their preferences in four areas.

This Is Not a Test… (Personality or Otherwise)
This powerful tool is often mistakenly referred to as the Myers-Briggs test or the personality test, however it’s not actually a test at all. 

For those who require it a certificate of CPD will be issued.  Please request this when booking.

What is your Type Workshop.

This is a 2 day workshop where you will explore the dynamics of type relative to yourself and your life.

The first step is to answer the questionnaire, the MBTI.  

Then we will begin by looking at type and exploring the dynamics of type - remember there is no right or wrong just Type.

From this you will be asked to verify your type through individual and group exercises.

You will compare your verified type with your reported type as recorded by your answering of the MBTI questions.

We will then have a discussion around these and explore your Best Type.

Through the workshop we will look at how each type has its own way of communicating.  This can help us understand ourselves and others and how difficulties might arise.  We will explore how each type has a different way of responding to stress and how we can help understand ourselves when dealing with stress and challenge.

Cost of the workshop is euro 185.00