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Coaching with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

If you are considering using Coaching to help you face challenges in your life then the MBTI coaching process can help you understand yourself better.

The MBTI will help us both understand your preferences and how you approach the world and any tasks you undertake.  This understanding will help focus the Coaching process on your style of communication, how you deal with stress and the best way for you to move things forward either personally or professionally.

Coaching is an Outcome Oriented Process.  It helps you explore how you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve or make happen in your life.  Coaching focuses on the "How" and with your new understanding of yourself, through the MBTI, you will be in a position to work with yourself in a healthy and focused way.

MBTI Coaching can help with Careers, Relationships, Communication, Leadership, Team Development and Personal Understanding and Develpoment.

Dr Hugh offers three options:

                       Take the 2 day workshop and apply what you learn to your life.  E185.00

                        Book three 1 hour sessions or 1 three hour session E250.00

                        Book individual sessions (usually 6-10): E90.00 per session

Feel Free to contact me for further information.